This Page contains details of our consumables range. We stock a wide range of products for all aspects of blasting including:

Blast Hose, PVC Hose, Water Separators, Dead Mans Handles, All Types of Visors for Blast Helmets and Cabinets, Brass Fittings and Ball Valves, Compressor Hoses, Breathing Filters and Cartridges, Remote Control Valves and Grit Valves.

Full Service and Repair Facilities are available for any Make or Model of BlastCleaner.

Water Injection Nozzle

A low pressure water feed dust control using mains or pump.

By inducting the water directly into the air stream, water consumption is kept to a minimum whilst blast performance is improved by increasing the blast pattern that is produced.


  • Air, media and water slurry eliminates dust and improves blast pattern.
  • Long life tungsten carbide one piece liner (silicon liner on 13mm bore) tried and tested on site for many years.
  • Mixing chamber ensure thorough of air, media and water.
  • Water inlet port accepts low pressure water hose.
  • Large 50mm thread for easy location and removal from nozzle holder.
  • Full 25mm entry bore for maximum blasting efficiency.
  • Also available with a fine 11.5tpi (32mm) thread.


Part Number Size Price
WS4/50 6.35 mm £250.00
WS5/50 8.00 mm £250.00
WS6/50 9.50 mm £250.00

Metal Pot Coupling

Here are details details of our metal Pot coupling range.


Part Number Price
pc 1-1/4" bsp £15.00
pc 1-1/2" bsp £15.00

Metal Hose Coupling

Here are details details of our metal blast hose coupling range.


Part Number Price
BHC38 £15.00
BHC38 £15.00

Nylon Nozzle Holder

Price: £25.00 (Each)

Our nylon nozzle holders are both durable and reliable. We currently stock the NHP1 38mm & 48 mm nozzle holders:

Air Conditioning Tube

Price: £110.00

This climatic control device is deigned to supply cool air to the blast helmet to improve the working conditions for the operator. The tube can be waist mounted or attached to the flow regulator.

The device weighs approximately 400 grams. The normal operating pressure is 80 to 100 psi.

The tube has a 1/4" bsp input connector and a 1/4" hose connector on the output.


At BlastClean ltd we only stock high quality tungsten carbide nozzles. we understand that the quality of the equipment must be of the highest standards in order to cope with the massive amounts of strain invoved with blastcleaning.

Our range is as follows:


Part Number Size Price
3/50 4.80mm £88.00
4/50 6.35mm £98.00
5/50 8.00mm £98.00
6/50 9.50mm £110.00
7/50 12.00mm £120.00

Water Seperators

Here are details of our water seperators range.


Size Price
0.5 inch £22.00
0.75 inch8 £42.00
1 inch £45.00

Dead Man's Handle

Price: £45.00


We can supply Visors for most makes & models of Blast Helmet. We also stock the Scorpion Air Fed Blast Helmet. The prices for visors are as follows:


Quantity Price
Banana Tear Off Visors (16 packs of 6) £55.00
SV Outer Visors (Pack of 100) £25.00
Scorpion Tear-off Visors (10 packs of 6) £28.00
SV Inner Visors £5.50

All prices Exclude VAT and Delivery.

All major credit/debit cards accepted via mail order.

Next day delivery(mainland UK) Other destinations available on request.

For more information Telephone and Fax 44 (0) 1942 274913